Pick of the Press: The Scottish Sun

Sometimes finding a good front-page splash can be like pulling teeth: an excruciating experience. However, The Scottish Sun continues its Prime/First (delete whichever applicable) Minister bashing this morning with revelations that Alex Salmond treated his dentist to dinner and a Runrig gig at Scone Palace in the summer. No word, however, on whether being made to sit through Runrig was an act of revenge by the FM for a painful filling…

Surprisingly, it bumps the five deaths from C.Diff at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital to page two, along with the latest from the Labour by-election hustings. With David Cameron’s ‘war on a welfare state’ taking top spot, are we seeing the (so far neutral) tartan edition of the 'Currant Bun' being influenced by the conversion of its national brother to the Conservatives? Time will tell.

No doubts, though, over where the Sun stands on the 1000 jobs to be cut by Lloyds TSB in Scotland. ‘Stabbed In The Bank’, the paper proclaims.

The Sun’s war of words with Gordon Brown for his letter to the bereaved mother of a dead soldier has seen the title come under fire, especially for its decision to publish the recording of a telephone conversation between the pair. New political editor, Tom Newton-Dunn, says the matter has now been brought to a close while in the daily editorial, and in a four-page centre spread, there is a call to remember the fallen on Armistice Day.

Returning to dentistry, and there is the tale of a mum who is suing her local surgery after her six year-old son had a heart attack while having his teeth extracted under anaesthetic. Amid claims of brain damage, it is reported she wants £2.5 million in damages.

On a lighter note, the inevitable ‘Lucky Trucker’ headline is rolled out for the Euromillions winners. An oldie but a goody. And with £234,000 in interest accruing a month, someone’s in for a decent Christmas. As is Susan Boyle, who in addition to sales from her forthcoming debut album, has been voted sexier than Sharon Osbourne in an American television poll. It’s Ozzy we feel sorry for.