Headline of the Month: Couple More

The other day, it was being widely reported that a newly-opened Tesco store in Lanarkshire had to send home a music band it had booked to help mark the occasion. It was felt the Orange Flute Band hired might offend some local sensibilities.

Among the headlines to accompany the tale was one in the Metro: 'Tesco Sashes Prices at New Store'. It was nominated by PR person, Mike Ritchie, for allmediascotland's Headline of the Month competition, in association with whisky folk, Whyte & Mackay.

Up for grabs each month are bottles of Whyte & Mackay Special whisky – for both the author of the headline and the person who has nominated it, with the monthly winners entered in a Headline of the Year competition where two bottles, each worth £150, of Whyte & Mackay 30 year-old are the prizes. 

Eligible are headlines in Scottish newspapers (national and local), plus Scottish magazines and online.

Adds Mike: “It reminds me of a headline from days or yore when Rangers FC, boosting their catering standards, launched a new pie, which led to a heading in the Daily Record: 'The Pie Was Oh so Tender' [a play on 'The Cry was No Surrender'].”

Meanwhile, singer, Rod Stewart, has been served with a multi-million pound lawsuit and The Scotsman's accompanying headline today is 'We are Suing, We are Suing, Rod Stewart, 'Cross the Sea, We are Suing, Stormy Row, to Get our Cash, and our Fee'. 

It was sent in anonymously. Accompanied by a groan.

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