The Media in the Press 10.12.09

An obituary in The Herald (page 18) pays tribute to journalist, trade unionist and occasional book reviewer on allmediascotland, Joe Owens.

The sentiment is almost replicated by Scottish Sun columnist, Bill Leckie (page 11), in praise of fellow hack, Mark Daly, who has been investigating the infamous World's End murders, in Edinburgh, during the 1970s (the subject of a TV documentary, being presented by Daly, this evening on BBC2). Says Leckie of Daly: “What I love about this boy is that he's an old-fashioned operator, someone who doesn't rely on the word of 'sources' but who gets his overalls on and doesn't give up until he personally finds out what's what. The industry needs several hundred more like him.”

Elsewhere, the media in today's press extends not far beyond Scots actor, Brian Cox, being lined up to play former House of Commons Speaker, Michael Martin, in a drama for BBC4 next year about the MPs' expenses scandal (Scottish Daily Mail – page 27, Daily Record – page 48, page 13 – The Herald, Scottish Daily Express – page 9, etc).

Swearing on TV is condemned by a representative of the charity, Mediawatch (Scottish Daily Mail, page 45), while pretty much everywhere there is the news that BBC Scotland weather presenter, Heather Reid, is switching careers, getting more involved in education (Scottish Sun – page 3, Scottish Daily Mail – page 23, The Herald – page 11, etc).

BBC junkies get further sustenance with Scottish Sun columnist, John Smeaton (page 45), writing about the Corporation's big, on-screen earners, such as Jeremy Paxman and Jonathan Ross. 'Smeato' likes them both, but feels that, in the case of Ross, he could do some more jobs at the BBC to justify his large salary, such as reading the news, presenting Match of the Day and “scrubbing out the BBC's lavvies at the end of his shift”.

And, finally, the Scottish Daily Express devotes a two-page feature on a TV documentary and book about bottoms: The Hidden Side of the Bottom. It is accompanied by the headline, 'Read Admirable', and pics of, er……