Student Newspaper in Edinburgh Ban Saga

An Edinburgh student newspaper is reporting that its latest edition has been banned from the campuses of one of the city's universities.

The Journal is saying that copies of its latest edition have been removed by the student association at Napier University because of a front page story about a forthcoming presidential election.

The paper – set up three years ago and distributed free to the city's higher education institutions – publishes a memo from the association's election committee which raises concerns about possible defamation against the current association president.

The report of the ban quotes, editor, Paris Gourtsoyannis, saying: “I am baffled by the action taken by the Napier Students' Association Elections Committee; I still haven’t been contacted by anyone at NSA.

“Not only does their action make a nonsense of the principles of free speech and freedom of the press – which one might expect to be fairly well entrenched at one of Scotland’s leading journalism universities – but their decision has no basis in fact.

“There are no unattributed quotes in the article in question, nor do comments [from a candidate for the presidency] constitute defamation under UK law. [The current president] was given the opportunity to comment, and availed herself of it fully. She was not misquoted.”