Sixth place for Scots scribes in international football tournament

WHILE most of Lithuania was turning the Eurovision Song Contest, at the weekend, into a reason to party, a small corner of the country bore witness to the cream of Scotland’s sportswriting scribes making their debut in an international football tournament for football journalists.

Under the management of Scottish News of the World reporter, John McGarry, the Scots were up against teams from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia, as well as the host nation.

It was the sixth time the tournament has been held, with teams playing seven-a-side football. It was taking place in Druskininkai, to the south of the country.

And, in searing heat, the Scots grabbed two wins and a draw, to finish sixth in the eight-team league.

Among the teams, the Armenian one had spent an estimated 84 hours travelling to the tournament, by bus. A visit to a theme park dedicated to Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin, is understood to have been one among a number of slightly surreal experiences for the Scots.

But, says McGarry: “Many new friendships were made and the Scottish team already have invitations to future competitions in Russia and Ukraine.”

And the Scots took the honours for the Best Goal of the Tournament.