Scots football fans – shock, horror!

THE Scotsman’s sports diary, Changing Room Chat, is always good for a story or two about the foibles and idiosyncrasies of the media village.

This week, the Scottish Daily Mail came in for the treatment. In the diary’s sub-section – Tales From The Tabs, which takes a look at the tabloids – it declares: ”Prize for possibly the worst exclusive of the season goes to the Daily Mail who broke the stunning story, ‘Scots Refuse to Back England in South Africa’, following a YouGov poll which revealed that just 24 per cent of those asked said they will be supporting our southern neighbours at the World Cup this summer.”

The diary also took a sideswipe at Piers Morgan, the former editor of The Mirror, for his ITV documentary, ‘World Cup South Africa’. While pointing out that there were some interesting interviews, good background material and great footage in the programme, the diary said it was “all let down by the incessant self-aggrandising of the host”.

CRC explained: “Finding one man minding his own business in a township wearing an England top with ‘No 8 Lampard’ on the back, Morgan tried to impress the poor chap by texting the real Frank Lampard, then reading out his reply.”