World Cup results defy Daily Record tipsters

THE Daily Record is testing the tipster abilities of its sports staff with its own in-house game – If I Ruled the World – in conjunction with the World Cup.

The tabloid explains to readers: “They always talk a good game but can our top team of sportswriters use their ‘expert’ knowledge to predict the World Cup results? We’ll regularly publish league tables so you can follow their misfortunes.”

The team comprises: James Traynor, Keith Jackson, Hugh Keevins, Gavin Berry, Scott McDermott, Neil Cameron, Colin Duncan, Anthony Haggerty, Chris Roberts, David McCarthy, Euan McLean, Gary Ralston, Mark Guidi, Craig Swan, Gordon Waddell and Gordon Parks.

The tipsters receive five points for a correct result and ten points for a correct score.

But it wasn’t a great day yesterday, courtesy of scorelines few would have predicted.

Not one of the 16 hacks predicted Argentine’s 4-1 wins over South Korea or Mexico’s 2-0 defeat of France. And only Craig Swan picked up full points for Greece’s 2-1 triumph against Nigeria.