‘Casuals’ urged to check their paid holiday entitlement

‘CASUALS’, who do regular shifts at newspapers and elsewhere, are being urged to check they are not losing out on paid holidays.

Says the National Union of Journalists: “Journalists who work casual shifts are entitled to paid holidays based on the hours they work. The current legal minimum holiday pay for a fulltime worker is 28 days under the Working Time Regulations. Casuals are paid on a pro rata basis.

“It means a freelance working a casual shift one day a week would be owed over five days paid holidays in the course of a year.”

To qualify, it’s about hours worked rather than work submitted by lineage, article or picture.

Adds the NUJ: “To qualify, the individual must fit into the legal category of employee or worker and be paid on the basis of hours worked.

“This holiday pay may be included in the shift payment. If this is what happens, it must be made absolutely clear this is the case. Otherwise, the holiday pay should be paid when it is requested or when the ‘employment’ ends.

“It is vital you check your entitlement and claim it. Not all employers pay it voluntarily, so ask for it. If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

For more information, contact Fiona Davidson, assistant organiser, NUJ Scotland at nujscotland@nuj.org.uk