Facebook has Darling ‘flustered’

FORMER well-known Scottish journalist, Margaret Darling – probably as well known in press circles as ‘Maggie Vaughan’ – seems to be having some difficulties with the social networking site, Facebook.

Margaret, wife of Edinburgh MP and former Chancellor, Alistair Darling, is reported to have sounded off about the five candidates for the Labour Party’s leadership, declaring herself “a bit uninspired“ by any of the candidates.

At the weekend, Scottish Daily Mail reporter, Jonathan Brocklebank quoted her saying on the site: “Andy’s a lovely chap – but, David is very clever – but, His brother – a ditherer, Ed Balls? I’d rather eat my eyeballs. And Diane Abbott …What is she about?”

Brocklebank continues: “It seems Mrs Darling may be somewhat new to the vagaries of social networking, for, in her next entry, she writes: ‘Jeesus. Is this public stuff? Really no idea how this works. We need to go undercover. She then posts a private e-mail address, whereupon one of her more clued-up friends warns her: ‘Don’t put your e-mail address here where any bugler can see it!’ A flustered Mrs Darling replies: ‘Oh, I am so useless at this. Tell me what to do then’.”