Survey shows overwhelming support for Scottish Media Club

ALMOST 90 per cent of respondents to an online survey have registered their interest in participating in a Scottish Media Club.

The figures, gathered by allmediascotland, show 86.8 per cent of the near 300 respondents would be either interested or very interested in the venture.

Of the two possible membership options currently being tested in the survey, almost 70 per cent supported an annual membership of £50, entitling members to first refusal on ticketed events, plus discount on food, drink and tickets.

When asked what elements a Scottish media community should comprise of, nine out of ten backed regular speaker events, while almost 60 per cent ruled in favour of a festival of journalism being organized.

Access to the day’s newspapers and a selection of Scottish magazines (72.3 per cent) and wi-fi and hot-desking (70.5 per cent) were also ranked important among prospective members.

The survey can be accessed until Friday here.