Hardcastle has Gentle Dig at Granite City

The Scottish Daily Mail's waspish columnist, Ephraim Hardcastle, was having a gentle dig at Aberdonians yesterday, reporting that airline company, BMI, is said to be drumming up business for its flights to Aberdeen by promoting the Granite City as a home of fine Scotch whisky.

While pointing out that “the stuff hasn't been made there since the ancient Gilcomston distillery closed in 1763″, he continued: “An outsider, recently sipping whisky there at 1763 prices, during a special party, asked why Aberdonians present didn't have drams.

“'Och, they're all waiting for the happy hour', said the barman.”

The citizens of Aberdeen have long been lampooned for their alleged shortcomings – including excessive meanness. allmediascotland seems to remember that it was that energetic and industrious diarist in The Herald, Tom Shields, who dubbed the Granite City – 'furryboots' city.

This evidently was a reference to the precise location of Aberdeen through a Doric language filter. Doric is the North-east's indigenous dialect as espoused by BBC Radio Scotland broadcaster, Robbie Shepherd, and much championed by veteran Scottish journalist, author and playwright, Jack Webster.