Freelance future for Scots Magazine editor

THE editor of one of the world’s oldest magazines – The Scots Magazine – has left, to go freelance, mainly in the field of editorial project management, but also writing, editing and broadcasting.

Lorraine Wilson had been editor of magazine for a year, during which time she restructured and refreshed its content to make it more commercially successful, including the creation of a whisky column and region-specific editorial.

At the end of last year, after less than a year in the role, she was shortlisted as Consumer Magazine Editor of the Year in the Scottish Magazine of the Year Awards.

Before being appointed editor of The Scots Magazine, Wilson had worked for publishers DC Thomson, as editor-in-chief of two of their children’s magazines, Animals and You and Pony Stories – the latter in collaboration with a Berlin-based publishers.

She told “I am pleased with what I have done at The Scots Magazine, I’ve given it the potential to be a more commercially successful title by making the editorial more focused. I believe it’s more about Scotland now than Scotland’s past.

“I’ve freelanced on and off for years and feel I now have the experience to take on larger editorial projects, in print or digital, or both, whether for a few days, weeks or months –  or as long as it takes. It might be new titles, and getting them off the ground, or breathing new life into an established title.

She has launched her own website:

The new editor of the Scots Magazine is Phil Smith, formerly features editor of Dundee’s Evening Telegraph newspaper.