Sunday Herald seeks to reassure readers missing its separate sections

THE Sunday Herald has sought to reassure readers missing its separate sections that its new look will be soon a persuasive proposition.

Last week, The new Sunday Herald – as it is now called – relaunched as a single-section news magazine and in a page 3 comment today the paper said sales last weekend were 47,770 – up 15 per cent on 12 months previously. Its average sale in Scotland last month was – according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation – 39,687.

It apologised to readers who were unable to get a hold of a copy, because it had sold out at their local newsagent, and noted that its cover story – about a juror in the Tommy Sheridan perjury case discussing the case on Facebook – was followed up by other media the next day.

Said the paper: “We had many, many positive comments – but we also have to be honest and say that many people were unhappy at losing the separate  sections which let them share the Sunday Herald among family and friends.”

But it went on: “We accept that our new format means that sharing is no longer possible and apologise for the disappointment felt by some readers at that loss.

“But we believe that the benefits of our new format – a more compact and usable package; better reproduction and printing quality; the potential for giving our journalism a more exciting and dynamic presentation – will persuade those readers to change their minds.”