Freelance Branch chair for McMillan

SCOTSMAN columnist and theatre critic, Joyce McMillan, has been elected chair of the Edinburgh Freelance branch of the National Union of Journalists.

One of Scotland’s most profile journalists, McMillan returns to a post she held until four years ago, the chair since then having been Mark Fisher – also a well-known theatre critic – who doubled up as branch secretary. Following the branch’s annual general meeting last night, Fisher remains secretary.

The election went as follows:

Chair: Joyce McMillan

Vice-chair: Thom Dibdin

Secretary: Mark Fisher

Membership secretary: Andy Moore

Treasurer: Joyce McMillan

Training: Kay Smith

Edinburgh Trades Union rep: Kay Smith

Welfare: Jan Fairley

NUJ Scotland Executive Council rep: Thom Dibdin

The branch is also seeking to appoint a minutes secretary and a recruitment officer.