Gordon Strachan: Couple of journalists fancied a fight

THE former Celtic football club manager, Gordon Strachan, believes his time as manager of the Glasgow giants was marked by – among other things – a couple of journalists and also a couple of referees seeking out a fight with him.

Reflecting on his spell as Celtic manager and expressing the opinion that, to some extent, he is better off away from Scottish football, he is quoted – in an article today by the Daily Record’s Keith Jackson – saying: “I did think there were one or two referees who had a personal thing against me. It wasn’t them versus Celtic – it was them against me! I just think they wanted to take me on.

“It was the same with a couple of guys in the media – I think one or two saw my reputation from England and fancied having a bit of a fight.

“It wasn’t any particular newspaper or radio station – it was just one or two individuals who I clashed with.”

But he declines to name names.