Media Release Still 'King'

The media release is still one of the best ways to to communicate news, despite the rise of social media – according to a blog on a website that specialises in producing content.

Says, despite the facility of 'missing out the middleman', ie the media, by sending news direct to the public, via the internet, mobile phones, etc, what the media has is 'credibility'.

Says the site: “The media; that is the news media, rather than social media, still has credibility that consumers and service users believe in. A company telling everyone that they are number one through social media is no more than good old-fashioned advertising.

The news release, along with the news conference, were the foundation stones of the PR industry. While information technology and the ever-increasing pressure of deadlines means the news conference, apart from celebrities and presidents, is pretty much dead, the new release is still very much alive.

“For building brand reputation the news release is still king. Well written and targeted properly, it is still the best way of building credibility with the news media creating a story that end users are likely to believe as true. Social media currently and probably always will lack this quality.”