Clegg Heads in Labour Direction

Confession time from The Courier’s political guru, David Clegg, in his political diary slot in the Dundee-based regional morning.

Clegg reports he was making his way to Dunfermline to chair one of The Courier’s series of Scottish election hustings but got himself “well and truly“ lost in a housing estate on the outskirts of the Fife town.

He sought directions from a passer-by who transpired to be none other than Alex Rowley, the Labour candidate, who was shortly due to join him on the platform for the big debate.

Writes Clegg: “He was kind enough to promptly point me in the right direction, but did take some glee in immediately ringing The Courier’s Dunfermline office to take the mickey with my colleagues.”

A much-amused Clegg ends his piece with the ‘threat’:  “You’ll get yours, Rowley!”