Reported 'Tutting and Scowling' End to Political Interview

The Sunday Herald made full use yesterday of an interview by Scottish political editor, Tom Gordon, with Scottish Lib Dem leader, Tavish Scott – claiming that it yielded it an 'exclusive' because of Scott’s alleged outburst at his own party and its UK deal with the Tories in which he is reported to have said: “I don’t care what London thinks. That’s the last thing I’ll pay any attention to.”

It seems the interview ended on a rather sour note when Gordon pressed Scott on the issue of expenses and a now plugged facility that allowed MSPs to have their mortgage interest paid by the taxpayer.

Scott is said to have six years ago bought a family home in Edinburgh for £380,000 and Gordon suggested he would make a “whopping profit” when he sells. Gordon reports Scott as saying: “I don’t think you want to push me on this. You want to move on?”

Gordon doesn’t, and he relates that the interview comes to “an awkward end”, explaining: “Tutting and scowling, Scott throws on his jacket and leaves without shaking hands. Imagine what he’ll be like on May 6.”