Impartial Stance Taken by Sunday Post Ahead of Scottish Parliament Elections

The Sunday Post has set itself apart from most of the Scottish press by declaring it has no preference as to who should win the Scottish parliamentary elections on Thursday.

Said the DC Thomson title yesterday: “The News of the World, the Sunday Express and the Sunday Herald has all told readers to back the nationalists.

“They follow in the footsteps of the paper with the largest daily circulation, The Sun, in backing Alex Salmond’s party. On the other side, The Sunday Mail and The Daily Record are backing the Labour Party and Iain Gray.

“The Sunday Post will not follow suit.

“We do not believe in backing any particular party, or advising our readers how to vote.

“That is up to you.

“We are proud to be impartial and see it as our job to report on all the parties fairly and point out where their claims may be false or unrealistic.”