Testament to Staff that Paper Reads like Business as Usual

If they hadn't learned it from other sources, readers of today's edition of the Daily Record will have known no better of the upset that engulfed the paper's editorial floor yesterday, when it was announced – around 4pm – that 90 editorial posts had been earmarked for redundancy; as far as the paper's content is concerned, it reads like 'business as usual'.

The front and back pages are dominated by 'exclusive' splashes by John Ferguson and Keith Jackson, respectively; there are news page 'exclusives' by Craig McDonald and Lynn Davidson, a features 'exclusive' from television writer, Paul English, and four more 'exclusives' on the sports pages – from Euan McArthur (twice), Anthony Haggerty, and Craig Swan.

There were absolutely no references to the paper’s own drama during these tense hours yesterday afternoon and evening. While much of the paper's content will have been completed by 4pm, it is testament to the staff that anything like a 'normal' edition left the building at all.