Double Success for Sudan Story at Awards Ceremony

A story about victims of torture – from, among other places, Iran, Sudan and Burundi – and now living in Scotland has taken two awards at a Scottish media awards ceremony celebrating the best of refugee and asylum-related journalism.

'In Sudan the army shot you one time', published in The Herald magazine in October, took both the photography and the national print features titles, for, respectively, Angela Catlin and Billy Briggs.

The Refugee Week Scotland Media Awards is organised by British Red Cross, with support from the Scottish Refugee Council, the National Union of Journalists, UNHCR (the United Nations Refugee Agency), Oxfam Scotland and the Exiled Journalists’ Network.

Says Derek Masterton, media relations officer for the Red Cross in Scotland: “Despite the upheavals journalism and journalists are facing in Scotland, the quality of work certainly hasn't suffered – testament to the professionalism of journalists in all areas of the media. The judges had a really hard task in deciding the winners.”

The winners' list read: 


Winner: Angela Catlin, ‘In Sudan the army shot you one time…’, published in The Herald magazine, 25/06/10

Runner up: Robert Ormerod, ‘The final curtain’, published in the Sunday Times Spectrum Magazine, 06/03/11

Third shortlisted entry: Chris Clark, ‘Sanctuary city’, published in the Big Issue Scotland, 14/06/10

Local print

Winner: Rebecca Gray, ‘We're back to school without our Precious pal’, published in Evening Times, 25/08/10

Runner up: Julie Gilbert, ‘Kingsway – 10 years of sanctuary’, published in Clydebank Post, 05/05/10

Third shortlisted entry: Stewart Patterson and Jasper Hamill, ‘Taking over the asylum’, published in Evening Times, 11/11/10

National print features

Winner: Billy Briggs, ‘In Sudan the army shot you one time…’, published in The Herald magazine, 25/06/10

Runner up: Adam Forrest, ‘Sanctuary City’, published in the Big Issue Scotland, 14/06/10

National print news

Winner: Paula Murray, ‘Scotland doesn't lock up asylum seeker children…’, published in the Scottish Sunday Express, 13/06/10

Runner up: Annie Brown, ‘She’s alive’, published in the Daily Record, 30/08/10

Third shortlisted entry: Gareth Rose, ‘Last week: “No more asylum children locked up”, This week: Baby girl, 8 months, held at Dungavel’, published in The Scotsman, 18/05/10


Winner: Nyakio Ngungu and Grace Kitenge, Kim and Grace Show, Radio Kilimanjaro

Runner up: Neal Parsons, ‘Marlene – one girl's story’, Young Scot podcast