Article Font Change at the Daily Record Takes it a Step Closer to Sister Title

So, our eyes weren't deceiving us yesterday. Subtle changes to the look of the Daily Record has brought it closer, in terms of design, to its sister title, the Daily Mirror.

For all that the papers are still some distance apart, design-wise, yesterday saw a new style book at the Record adopt the Mirror's article font and its red chevron start to captions.

When, last month, it was announced that 90 journalism jobs were earmarked for redundancy at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail, it was made clear that Scottish news and sport would remain largely intact. Any content shortfall would therefore require to be made up with editorial that can be shared between the Daily Mirror (which sells in Scotland no longer as the Scottish Daily Mirror, but as, simply, the Daily Mirror) and the Record.

And the most effective content sharing requires broadly similar looks.