Ofcom Forces Fall in Rural Broadband Prices

Homes in rural parts of Scotland could see their broadband bills drop after broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, forced BT to lower the prices it can charge other internet providers.

The telecommunications company is currently able to charge higher rates for firms only able to use its network to connect to remote rural locations across the UK.  

However, Ofcom today moved to make BT cut its annual prices by 12 per cent below inflation – excluding connection – over the next three years.

The move, says the regulator, will encourage more competition among rival internet service providers and could ultimately see as many as 3 million homes and business across the whole of the UK benefit from better deals.

Says a statement issued by the watchdog: “Ofcom’s charge controls could narrow the difference between prices that consumers in rural and urban areas are paying for broadband services.

“This difference is mainly due to the more limited set of offers available which is a result of the higher costs of delivering broadband to customers in rural areas.”

Ofcom claims around four in five UK households in either mainly urban or densely populated areas are now served by effective competition, though offers are limited to those outside of this.