Funeral taking place today of former photographer

THE funeral is taking place today of a former photographer with, among others, the Scottish Daily Express newspaper.

Robin Gray was also deputy picture editor and a photographer on the short-lived Sunday Standard and later a deputy picture editor on The Herald where he worked until retiring around 15 years ago.

It is understood he may have also worked for the Daily Mail, in Scotland.

Says a death notice in The Herald, he died “peacefully” at his home on Friday.

The funeral is taking place today at 1pm, at Holmsford Bridge Crematorium, by Dreghorn, in Ayrshire.

It is believed he worked at the Scottish Daily Express between 1961 and 1974.

Says former Scottish Daily Express chief reporter, Stuart ‘Bullet’ McCartney (now retired): “Robin and I actually went to school together at Whitehill Senior Secondary. We also worked together on a number of newspapers. He was a true gentleman, great company, a marvellous friend and a wonderful photographer who will be sadly missed by his family and everyone else who knew him.”

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“Robin Gray died this week adding to an ever growing list of Scottish press photographers who have hung up their cameras.

Joe Campbell, Jim Hamilton, Tom Fitzpatrick.

I had to follow in Robin Gray’s shoes at the Daily Mail when he went over to the Express as their features photographer in the 1960’s.

I have to say, as a raw 21 year-old, I had held him in awe for many years and he was a hard act to follow.

I remember him, sartorially turned out with his M3 Leicas strung around his neck.

I was desperate to find out the name of his tailor.

He had been mentored by a hard Yorkshireman called Tim Lancaster and, believe me, you had to turn in the goods to please him.

Lancaster once said: ‘Robin is good because he does what he is told.’

For many years I took this as a bit of an insult but later came to realise that it was in fact a compliment.

Robin Gray carried any assignment out to the last full stop. He was constantly reliable as well as talented.

Through the years our paths would sometimes cross and it was always a pleasure to see him. I never saw him lose his temper with anyone.

When in the late 70’s I was asked to gather a team of photographers around me for the re-launch of the Evening Times he was without hesitation one of the first I called.

The team I put together was Alistair Stars as my deputy. Jim Hamilton, Tom Fitzpatrick, Raymond Beltrami, Jimmy Mackay, Alistair Devine and Robin Gray …oh, and Jack Middleton as a permanent casual.

These guys could blow your mind away with their professionalism.

Robin did a great job for me on the evening paper as did the others.

Eventually when I moved across the floor Robin began to cover the desk with Tom.

A few weeks before I left The Herald I managed to persuade Robin to come over to The Herald desk, such was my confidence in him.

As what always happens in our business we sometimes lose touch with friends and colleagues and I regret that Robin was one.

I am sure he will be sorely missed.” George Wilkie

“A true gentleman, brilliant photographer and always immaculately dressed. He wasn’t loud or showy, and helped me a great deal while I was starting out in the business. He was a technical perfectionist and would take the time to point out how a better picture could have been taken, always in a quiet and professional manner which was thoughtful and encouraging. I never saw him lose his temper or get excitable, he just got on with it. A great loss.” Iain Fleming