Tribute Paid to Former Photographer

The obituary of a former photographer who worked for, among others, the Scottish Daily Express newspaper, has been published in The Herald.

Robin Gray – who established himself at the Express prior to a 17-year spell with the Herald and Times – died earlier this month.

And today’s tribute carries an extra personal touch as renowned Scots journalist, Jack Webster, puts pen to paper to praise his friend and former colleague.

Says The Herald: “Robin Gray, who has died at 75, belonged to a remarkable raft of Scottish Press photographers who spread their talents around the world. His distinguished career included 17 years with the Herald and Times, as well as a spell with the company’s other title, the Sunday Standard.

“His earlier years were spent with the Scottish Daily Express in Glasgow, where he established himself as a fashion photographer of note.

“A handsome man of style and presence, he could nevertheless mix it with the tougher end of journalism, as I found when we covered those early days of violence in Northern Ireland.

“Venturing into one of the no-go areas of Belfast, albeit with the protection of a military armoured vehicle, we soon came under attack, with nail-bombs exploding beneath us in a frightening burst of noise.

“Throughout the emergency, Robin kept positioning his camera on a narrow slit, seeking pictures of our attackers. It was not for the faint-hearted.

“It was a heyday period of print journalism which produced that remarkable range of world-class talent. Robin Gray’s photographer colleagues of the time included other memorable names, such as Peter McVean and Ian Torrance in Scotland, Harry Benson in New York, Kenny Lennox in London and Reg Lancaster in Paris.”