Double-digit Sales Boost for Sunday Tabloids Following Rival's Closure

The closure of the News of the World newspaper last month has coincided with dramatic increases in the circulations – in Scotland – of a handful of Sunday tabloids, including a near 100 per cent increase for the Sunday edition of Daily Star of Scotland, compared to this time last year.

The closure – following allegations of phone hacking against senior personel – of the News of the World coincides with a 97 per cent year-on-year increase in the circulation in Scotland of the Daily Star of Scotland – Sunday, a 78 per cent increase for the Sunday Mirror, a 22 per cent increase for the Scottish Sunday Express, a 80 per cent increase for The People, a 14.7 per cent one for the Scottish Mail on Sunday and a 6.4 per cent increase for the Sunday Mail, Scotland's biggest-selling newspaper.

Translated, the circulations in Scotland were up 27,856 for the Daily Star of Scotland – Sunday (from 28,645 12 months ago), 22,688 for the Sunday Mail (from 354,519 12 months ago), 17,710 for the Sunday Mirror (from 22,456 12 months ago), 11,422 for The People (from 14,214 12 months ago), 7,869 for the Scottish Sunday Express (from 36,354 12 months ago) and 14,530 for the Scottish Mail on Sunday (from 98,631 12 months ago).

Both the Sunday Mirror and The People enjoy popularity in Scotland because of their emphasis on reporting English Premiership football, the new season starting tomorrow.

Last month, there were five Sundays, with the News of the World published on two of them: the third and the tenth.

There was also a year-on-year increase for the Sunday Post – which, in the immediate wake of the News of the World's demise, devoted its front page to highlighting its 'values of good people'. Its average circulation of 225,387 during July last year increased by 3,629 copies during last month: a year-on-year increase of 1.6 per cent.

Yesterday, reported an expected rise in sales in Scotland for Scotland on Sunday. While its year-on-year circulation shows a fall from 48,610 to 46,327, the 48,610 included heavily discounted 'bulk' sales of 2,518 which has since been stopped.

Most newspapers – with the notable exception of the Mail and Independent groups – no longer provide bulks, eg to airlines and hotels, although The Scotsman's average circulation of 38,423 last month includes a bulk of 3,514 and both the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail include relatively modest 1,849 and 708 bulks respectively in their circulation figures. 

The average circulation in Scotland of the Record last month was 275,175 (down 18,226 on the previous July, some 6.2 per cent) while the average circulation in Scotland for the Sunday Mail last month was 377,207 (up 22,688 on 12 months' previously). For the Record's rival, The Scottish Sun – the biggest-selling daily newspaper in Scotland – its average ciculation in Scotland last month was 314,595 (down 21,428, 6.4 per cent).

Among the year-on-year fallers was the Sunday Herald, its average sale last month of 32,375 down 7,507 or 18.8 per cent. This was despite one weekend last month being available at half-price with a voucher included in sister title, The Herald.