Business management switch for McConigley

THE managing editor of Clyde and Forth Media is to switch careers to become a business manager.

Tom McConigley is planning to leave in December and has three clients already signed up, his main one thus far being Scots life coach, Ali Campbell.

McConigley has a university degree in psychology, which he gained while editing the Paisley Gazette seven years ago.

Clyde and Forth Media Head of Operations, Graham Morrison, said: “We’re disappointed to see Tom go. He has modernised this company and has predicted changes to the media landscape way ahead of time.

“Even better, he has developed talent so that Clyde and Forth remain in a very healthy position.”

McConiglay told “It’s a shame to leave Clyde and Forth Media with so much still going on, but I’ll still be involved in a consultancy basis.

“I’m really excited to get to work with Ali, I’ll also be looking after the business management of other creative people including a top photographer and an Italian magazine editor.”

Before he was appointed editorial manager of the company, McConigley guided the Gazette to being the fastest-growing newspaper in the UK. He also edited the Greenock Telegraph.

And recently he has developed the multimedia side of the business with the launch of the Eastwood Mercury website, and has created a new events division, which has grown considerably over the past year.