Video Deal Provides Johnston Press with Budget Price Ad Offering

Prospective advertisers on the websites operated by Johnston Press – publishers of The Scotsman and numerous local weekly newspapers in Scotland – are being offered the chance of promoting themselves via low-cost, video adverts.

It follows a renewed deal struck with a video platform, Localstars, which will allow ad sales staff pick from a menu of 'library' footage, logos and music clips, to quicky and easily create at least an outline video ad, to be then fleshed out by material specific to the client. 

The relative ease of the operation can then be passed on to clients, says Johnston Press, in the shape of lower prices.

Johnston Press has some 273 local newspaper websites on which video adverts can be placed.

Localstars also has access to a network of videomakers, available for hire should a client wish an advert that is more bespoke.

In a media statement announcing a three-year deal between Localstars and Johnston Press, Henry Faure Walker, digital and business development director at Johnston Press, is quoted as saying: “The Localstars partnership is already playing an important role in helping us increase digital advertising sales. Its technology allows us to create, manage and sell compelling video and rich media adverts quickly and efficiently – and it lets us do this economically and at prices that will be attractive to the small business advertisers that want to target local audiences using our websites.”

Johnston Press started piloting Localstars’ video advertising solution in specific regions two years ago, rolling it out nationwide last year when it helped the publisher sell nearly 4000 video ads.