Research Reveals Extent of Male-dominated Media

In a typical month, 78 per cent of the UK's newspaper articles will have been written by men, according to a survey published in The Guardian.

According to research by Kira Cochrane, a feature writer for the paper, a four-week period of bylines across the UK's major newspapers revealed women appearing an average 32 per cent of the time in the Daily Mail, 28 per cent in The Guardian, 22 per cent in the Daily Telegraph, 21 per cent in the Mirror, 20 per cent in The Sun and 16 per cent in the Independent.

Taking her research to BBC Radio 4's news flagship, the Today programme – which has four male main presenters and one woman – she found 83.5 per cent of the contributors were male.

Cochrane's story headlined The Guardian's G2 section on Monday. Her findings can be read here.