Salmond Secures 4,000-plus Mentions in the Media this Year

Over 4,000 articles mentioning First Minister, Alex Salmond, have been published to date this year, according to a survey undertaken by the charity, Media Standards Trust.

Across 21 media outlets – including The Herald, Scotland on Sunday, The Scotsman and BBC News Online – Salmond finished ninth in a list of the Top 15 Politicians, behind No.1, David Cameron, and above No.10, Boris Johnson. But his 4,176 mentions was eclipsed by Scots tennis star, Andy Murray, who made the most appearances among sports stars, at 4,909.

The 15 most-covered UK politicians:

David Cameron: 29,803 articles

George Osborne: 12,366 articles

Nick Clegg: 9,291 articles

Ed Miliband: 8,353 articles

Tony Blair: 6,486 articles

Gordon Brown: 5,665 articles

William Hague: 4,991 articles

Vince Cable: 4,495 articles

Alex Salmond: 4,176 articles

Boris Johnson: 3,854 articles

Theresa May: 3,646 articles

Ed Balls: 3,443 articles

Liam Fox: 3,060 articles

Michael Gove: 2,924 articles

Kenneth Clarke: 2,717 articles

Top 12 most-covered sports stars:

Andy Murray 4,909 articles

Fernando Torres 4,208 articles

John Terry 4,049 articles

Rio Ferdinand 3,849 articles

Carlos Tevez 3,621 articles

David Beckham 3,463 articles

Andy Carroll 3,411 articles

Lewis Hamilton 3, 214 articles

Ryan Giggs 3,180 articles

Rory McIlroy 3,096 articles

Rafael Nadal 3,047 articles

Tiger Woods 2,952 articles