‘Sex trafficking’ article secures awards nomination for Briggs

AN article by a Scots freelance journalist that appeared last month in The Herald Magazine has been shortlisted in a competition recognising the media’s role in developing awareness of global issues, including abuses of human rights.

Billy Briggs’ article about sex trafficking in Burkina Faso has been shortlisted in the Press Award section of the One World Media Awards.

Briggs told allmediascotland.com: “The trip to Burkina Faso came about as a follow-up to a story I wrote about a Nigerian girl who was trafficked to Glasgow and gang-raped. I spent a couple of weeks in the country’s capital city, Ouagadougou, with photographer, Angela Catlin, and it was one of the most harrowing stories we’ve covered to date. Many thanks to Garry Scott and his team at The Herald Magazine for publishing our reportage.”

Also from The Herald Magazine, an article by The Herald’s chief reporter, Lucy Adams, is shortlisted in the Sustainable Development category.

‘Spellbound’ tells the story of the persecution of women accused of witchcraft in Ghana. While Adams was living in Ghana, an elderly women was burnt alive after being accused of witchcraft. Adams travelled to the north of Ghana with local photographer, Nyani Quarmyne, to visit the so-called witch ‘camps’ where more than a thousand women and hundreds of children are held.

The article appeared in The Herald Magazine in July.

Adams told allmediascotland: “Living in Ghana while on a sabbatical from The Herald, I felt compelled to investigate the shocking persecution of women accused of sorcery. The camps act as both protection and prison for women ostracised by their families and communities. Most of the women held there are elderly. All it takes is an accusation for them and their children to be branded for life.”

Meanwhile, in the Student Award category, Paul James Gomes, from the Edinburgh College of Art, earns a nomination with Where is Billet?.

The shortlist reads:

Journalist of the Year

Alex Crawford – Sky News

Alex Thomson – Channel 4

Anas Aremeyaw Anas – Al Jazeera

Dan Rivers – CNN International

Felicity Lawrence – The Guardian

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad – The Guardian

Hala Jaba – The Sunday Times

Jack Shenker – The Guardian

Jamal Osman – Channel 4

Sue Lloyd Roberts – BBC Two

Radio Award 

A Child to Sponsor – BBC Radio 4

Afghanistan: Fighting Back – BBC Radio 4

Assignment – Haiti Cholera Epidemic – BBC World Service

BBC Africa Have Your Say Questions Paul Kagame – BBC World Service

Business Daily: China Propery – BBC World Service

In Touch – BBC Radio 4

Takoradi Oil City – BBC World Service

The Blood Telegram – BBC Radaio 4

The Boy with the Violin – Your World – BBC World Service

The Number One Detective Forensic Agency – BBC Radio 4

World Routes: Harri Sivanesan in Jaffna – BBC Radio 3

Television Award

Africa Investigates – Sierra Leone: Timber! – Al Jazeera English

Newsnight: Ethiopia – BBC Two

Channel 4 News: Somalia – Channel 4

HARDtalk on the road in Egypt: Part 2 – The Economy – BBC News/ BBC World News

HARDtalk on the road in southern Yemen – BBC News/ BBC World News

Land of Anarachy – Panorama 2011 – BBC One

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – Channel 4

Syria’s Torture Machine – Channel 4

The Fall of Tripoli – Sky News

Tunisia: Death of Fear – Al Jazeera English

Unreported World: Undercover Syria – Channel 4

World’s Untold Stories: Locked Up and Forgotten – CNN International

Press Award 

Egypt: The Unfinished Revolution – FT Weekend Magazine, Financial Times

Joy vanished into Britain’s child-sex trade. Why aren’t we looking for her? – Observer Magazine

Kidnap! Tales From The New India – GQ Magazine

Let The Good Times Roll – FT Weekend Magazine, Financial Times

Pakistan’s Dirty Secret – G2, The Guardian

Rights and Wrongs – G2, The Guardian

Special report: Food Security (Hunger in the land of plenty) – The Guardian

The 1,000,000 Ghosts of Baghdad – Live Magazine, Mail on Sunday

The Children Who Don’t Make a Sound – The Sunday Times Magazine

The Rape of Men – The Observer Magazine

They told us they would kill us if we didn’t work – The Herald Magazine

Treacherous Harvest – The Telegraph Magazine

New Media Award

Al Jazeera: Egypt Campaign – Al Jazeera

BBC World Clas 2012 – BBC

Development Data on The Guardian Datastore – The Guardian

HIGHRISE – One Millionth Tower – National Film Board of Canada

Lendwithcare.org Micro Loans Website – CARE International

Masika – Studio 9 Films

openDemocracy 50.50: Our Africa – Open Democracy

Our Africa – SOS Children

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields (bespoke website) – Channel 4

Stigma Under the Lens – Christian Aid

News Award 

Abbas is punished by $200m cut in aid from US – The Independent

Aircraft carrier left us to die, say migrants – The Guardian

Andaman Islands tribe threatened by lure of mass tourism – The Observer

Benghazi Under Attack – Daily Mail

Famine in Somalia – al-Shabaab exclusive – Channel 4

Mexico’s Missing Migrants – Channel 4

Child Sacrifice – BBC One

China in talks over Panama Canal rival – Financial Times

East Africa Drought – BBC One

Hagadera Hospital – ITV News on ITV1

Revealed – The Full Horror of Misrata – Sunday Times

The £6bn trade in animal smuggling – The Independent on Sunday

Zawiyah – Sky News

Drama Award

Achele – Clara Kraft Isono, London Film School

Flying Fish – Sapushpa Expressions

Miss Bala – CANANA

Otelo Burning – Cinga Productions

Seven Acts of Mercy – La Sarraz Pictures

Shuga: Sex, Love & Money – MTV Base

Stolen – BBC One

The Song of the Rain – Aygul Bakanova, London Film School

Why is the Sky So Blue? – BBC World Service

Children’s Rights Award 

BBC World Class 2012 – BBC

Child Marriage – Denying Girls’ Rights, Perpetuating Poverty – Thomson Reuters Foundation

Children Raped in Paradise Island’s Prison – Sunday Times

Exposing Bali’s Orphanages – Assignment/Crossing Continents – BBC World Service/ BBC Radio 4

Hamedullah: The Road Home – Eastwest Productions

Marathon Boy – BBC Four

Tanzania: Spell of the Albino – Al Jazeera English

The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan – More 4

The Truth About Child Brides – BBC Three

Unreported World – Burundi: Boys Behind Bars – Channel 4

Unreported World: India’s Child Savers – Channel 4

Popular Features Award 

A South American Journey with Jonathon Dimbleby – Brazil – BBC Two

Ambition Impossible – The Sunday Times Magazine

Common Dreams: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary – CNN International

Famous, Rich and in the Slums – BBC One

Holding the Line – Al Jazeera English

Knitting in Tripoli – Your World – BBC World Service

Little Girl Found – FT Weekend Magazine, Financial Times

The 1,000,000 Ghosts of Baghdad – Live Magazine, Mail on Sunday

The Rape of Men – Observer Magazine

The World’s Five Most Dangerous Countries for Women – Thomson Reuters Foundation

Toughest Place to be a Binman – BBC Two

World’s Worst Place to be Gay? – BBC Three

Sustainable Development Award 

Nature’s Defenders: Can Indigenous People Save the Planet? – The New Internationalist Magazine

One Planet – At the Edge of Capitalism – BBC World Service

Spellbound – The Herald Magazine

The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan – More 4

The Guardian – Crowded Planet Series – The Guardian

The Untold Story: Famine Avoided – Camerapix/A24 Media

There Once was an Island: Te Henua e Nnoho – On the Level Productions

Unreported World – Honduras: Diving Into Danger – Channel 4

Unreported World: Indonesia’s Wildlife Warriors – Channel 4

Up in Smoke – More 4

Vanishing Shagri-La – China Dialogue

Documentary Award 

Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark – Al Jazeera English

Blood in the Mobile – Chili Film

De corpo e alma (Body and Soul) – MEETINGS

How to Start a Revolution – TVF Media

Libya: Through the Fire – Al Jazeera English

Putin, Russia & The West – BBC Two

Marathon Boy – BBC Four

Soka Afrika – Masnomis Ltd

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – Channel 4

The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan – More 4

The Invasion of Lampedusa – BBC Two and BBC Worldwide

The Witches of Gambaga – Fadoa Films

Student Award

Abuelas – Afarin Eghbal, National Film and Television School

Aid 20 – Mobile Africa: From the Roots Up – Claire Salisbury, University College Falmouth

Bagong Silang – Zena Merton, London College of Communication

Divided in Mind and Space: Exploring Bosnia’s Ethnic Segregation – Florence Davey Attlee, University of Westminster

Kung Fu Grandma – Jeong-One Park, Royal Holloway, University of London

Lost Voice in the Caribbean – Philip Saunders, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Shooting Freetown – Kieran Hanson, Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology

The Changing Face of India – William Hartley, Salford University

The Doctor Who Dreamed – Lucy Laycock, University of Westminster

The High Price of Gold – Ross Domoney, Met Film School

Where is Billet? – Paul James Gomes, Edinburgh College of Art