James Murdoch 'Stepping Down': Some Reactions

The news that Rupert Murdoch's son, James, has stepped down from newspaper publishers, News International, where he was executive chair, has been met with various reactions in today's press, including undisguised glee in the Daily Record, published by rivals, Trinity Mirror.

While reporting an 'outcry' following a meeting yesterday between Rupert Murdoch and First Minister, Alex Salmond, The Herald's Robbie Dinwoodie writes: “The meeting came as James Murdoch relinquished control of his family's UK newspaper empire, stepping down as executive chairman of News International. Parent company News Corporation said it would allow him to focus on expanding the company's TV businesses.”

And The Scotsman's coverage is accompanied by a headline, 'Murdoch jnr packed off into the Sun-set' and a cartoon, later in the paper, which has him flicking the Vs.