Little pays tribute to colleague, Colvin

THE Scots war correspondent, Allan Little, has paid tribute to colleague, Marie Colvin, who was killed a week-and-a-half ago while covering the conflict in Syria.

Says Little, in an interview with Graeme Donohoe in yesterday’s The Scottish Sun: “Marie was the best eyewitness reporter of our age. She did it with a passion which was extraordinary. She simply had to be there, to smell it and touch it and see it.”

Colvin was reporting for the Sunday Times. French photographer, Remi Ochlik, also died when the building he and Colvin were working from was bombarded.

Adds Little, who works for the BBC: “We had dinner together, just the two of us, in Tripoli in September and that was the last time I saw her. She later emailed ‘lovely to see you last week. Hope you got back in one piece’.

“I was in Edinburgh for a family funeral when I heard the dreadful news.

“I was devastated because I just thought she was indestructible. It is desperately sad.”