Scottish Sun on Sunday pays tribute by publishing McBride column one last time

THE untimely death of lawyer, Paul McBride QC, is recognised today in the newspaper column he had only just begun writing for.

This is the third issue of The Scottish Sun on Sunday and, says the paper today, it had high hopes of McBride giving it, with his regular column for the paper, “both barrels”.

“We thought this was the start of a good thing,” begins the column today still bearing McBride’s name, adding later: “Sadly, Paul had only completed two columns before his tragic and untimely death. So, as a tribute to him, we’ve running it one last time, written by one of his closest friends – journalist and PR consultant, Tom Hamilton.”

Writes Hamilton, who was most recently at the Daily Record: “As for myself, there have been many, many occasions on which I have been glad to thank Paul. He provided me access to the corridors of power and influence previously closed to tabloid journalists and in important ways he helped modernise the legal world’s attitude to the media, bringing both closer.

“In my work, Paul got me out of some very scary scrapes with the law and carried me through difficult times.”

McBride’s funeral is taking place tomorrow.