Linklater stepping down from The Times

THE Scotland editor of The Times is to step down.

Magnus Linklater – who celebrated his 70th birthday last month – is next week leaving as Scotland editor, after 18 years with the paper, which he joined initially as a columnist following six years as editor of The Scotsman.

He is hoping to continue working as a freelance, including, perhaps, some book writing.

He told “I would like to carry on writing, commentary and opinion, because it is such an interesting time in Scotland. There could hardly be a more interesting time to be in Scotland, and I want to be fully involved in writing about it.”

He was appointed Scotland editor five years ago, to oversee greater coverage of Scotland in the paper, swooping almost immediately for Herald heavyweights, Melanie Reid (news) and Graham Spiers (sport), the latter recently announcing his departure from the paper.

“I am certain the Scotland edition will continue; that the publishers wish to keep it going,” added Linklater.

“The surprise is that it’s five years that I have been Scotland editor; when I took over, it was going to be for one or maybe two years.”

No successor has yet been named, meaning Scottish political editor, Angus Macleod, is likely to become acting Scotland editor.