New advertising campaign launching for IRN-BRU

A NEW set of adverts for the iconic soft drink, IRN-BRU, is being themed on it being able to help people ‘get through tricky situations’ such as walking in on one’s parents as they are getting amorous – in a threesome!

A series of three adverts have been created for the drink’s latest promotional campaign, which, in the past, has included ‘Scotland’s Other National Drink’, ‘Made in Scotland from Girders’ and ‘Phenomenal’.

Says a statement announcing the new advertising campaign, costing £2.5million: “The next chapter in IRN-BRU’s advertising history has been unveiled today with a series of new TV and cinema adverts inspired by Scots’ irrepressible character.”

It continues: “Each of the three new 30-second adverts brings to life the campaign mantra ‘IRN-BRU gets you through’, and takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how a taste of the nation’s best-loved soft drink can reinvigorate you and give you the strength to cope with even the most cringe worthy ‘nightmare’ scenarios.”

As well as the amorous parents scenario, another is “a lad’s pad is turned into a girly hellhole”.

A third ad is to be unveiled over the next few weeks.

The campaign has been created by Edinburgh-based The Leith Agency, who have been behind IRN-BRU’s ads for the last 18 years. Michael Kinlan and Mark Davies, joint deputy creative directors, are responsible for devising the creative idea and TV scripts, along with Jordan Laird and Dominique McMullan. David Amers, the agency’s head of planning, developed the campaign strategy.

The TV ads were produced by Glasgow-based MTP and directed by Martin Wedderburn, also known for the drink’s ‘If’ and ‘High School Musical’ TV spots.

Manchester-based media agency, PHD North, are in charge of media planning and buying for the campaign, including TV, cinema and online.

Edinburgh digital marketing agency, Blonde, are responsible for designing, building and managing the IRN-BRU website as well as “community management and content creation for the brand’s social media spaces”.

Edinburgh-based Stripe Communications is handling all aspects of PR and communications for the campaign.