Kielty criticism lands him ‘perfect job’

A FORMER Daily Record journalist has landed himself his ‘perfect job’ after criticising the ethics of rock music websites.

Martin Kielty has been hired by Classic Rock magazine as an online news reporter and will be providing stories too for the hard copy of the publication.

It follows a blog which criticised what he considered to be sloppy journalism by rock music websites following the death of guitarist, Gary Moore. The blog was published over a year ago.

Says Kielty, he went freelance after becoming convinced there was a gap in the market for hard-edged style news reportage for the rock and metal audience. Last year, he launched his own service, Rock News Desk.

Author of several music books, he is a former manager of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band and the Rezillos.

Scott Rowley, Classic Rock editor-in-chief, told “He once wrote a scathing critique of rock news websites that was spot on and, I assumed, directed at Classic Rock. So, after I kicked in my monitor screen, I decided to hire him.”

Added Kielty: “I do feel strongly that some parts of our overwhelmingly intelligent, informed audience don’t get what they need from the journalism we offer. I wrote a blog entry basically calling everyone out for not having tried hard enough – although it wasn’t directed at Classic Rock, personally.

“Scott called me on it, and we discussed it like adults in the pub. It’s a great feeling to know your opinions and talents are valued and respected, and the feeling is mutual. It’s difficult not to describe this as my perfect job; and it’s a timely reminder that sometimes we should say what has to be said rather than what’s easiest to get away with.”