Another Scottish Sun on Sunday showing for Salmond

IF he has been in the slightest bit fazed by criticisms of his relationship with media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, First Minister, Alex Salmond, isn’t showing it.

No sooner has he been criticised – not least during First Ministers’ Questions – of having penned a column for the launch issue, earlier this year, of Murdoch’s The Scottish Sun on Sunday, but he’s today the subject of a two-page ‘exclusive’ interview in the same title.

Pages 16 and 17 of today’s paper carries an interview by Scottish political editor, Andrew Nicoll, to mark one year on from the SNP’s win at the Scottish Parliament elections.

And Salmond explains the reason for waiting until the Autumn of 2014 before holding a referendum on whether Scotland should be independent.

He tells Nicoll: “It’s important, when you are explaining a case, that you get time to develop the case, to make sure you can meet people’s scepticism with information and explanation.”