A Real Renegade but not a Real Radio One

There is of course a renegade spirit to Sunday Herald diarist, Alan Taylor, but not on behalf of the radio station, Real Radio, which he writes about today.

And his Tuesday diary entry reveals, he was mistaken, not once, but twice, as the bearer of the title, Real Radio Renegade, the keeper of a handsome bounty. 

He writes: “En route to my mixed-gender club for a preprandial libation, I am stopped by a young woman who is wearing tights and not much else. “Are you, perchance,” she asks (I am paraphrasing), 'the Real Radio Renegade?' Thinking that I might well be if I knew who, or what, the Real Radio Renegade is, I ask her to repeat herself. After she has done so, I decide that much as I would like to be any kind of renegade I must send her on her way disappointed.

“A few paces further on I am stopped again – this time by two teenagers carrying motorbike helmets – and asked the same question, to which I reply quite curtly and negatively. At the club, Nigel, its owner, says that he was pursued by another young woman wondering if he was the Real Radio Renegade. Much as he would like to have obliged he, too, had no option but to tell her he is not the person she is looking for.

“Like the Sunday Post's legendary Hon Man, the RRR goes about his business incognito. If, however, you manage to unmask him you may receive a reward or “bounty”, which could be as much as £1,500. According to Real Radio's website, no-one did today though obviously it was not for the want of trying.”