Salmond being Urged to Reveal, During Leveson Appearance, the Extent of Relationship with Rupert Murdoch

Pressure is reportedly mounting on First Minister, Alex Salmond, to disclose the full extent of his relationship with media mogul, Rupert Murdoch.

Both Campbell Gunn, in today's The Sunday Post, and Tom Gordon, in the Sunday Herald, quote Labour MSP, Paul Martin, and Scottish Tory leader, Ruth Davidson, urging the First Minister to 'come clean' when he appears this week at the Leveson inquiry into press standards.

Salmond has been criticised for, among other things, declining to say whether his phone is suspected of having been hacked by the now defunct News of the World, which was closed last year by its owner, Murdoch.

The Leveson Inquiry was set up following allegations of phone hacking. 

Salmond is appearing on Wednesday. 

In the Sunday Mail's coverage of Salmond's appearance, Mark Aitken also quotes Martin and Davidson. And in a side panel, it's being reported that former STV presenter, Sarah Heaney, is suspected of having had her phone hacked.