Herald rates highly in media index on human trafficking

SCOTS newspapers, The Herald, the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail, have provided some of the most extensive coverage of human trafficking issues in Britain over the last two years, according to a new report.

According to an analysis of articles in various forms of media by Glasgow-based freelance journalist, Billy Briggs, The Herald was the top performer in Scotland and sixth, UK-wide, with 84 reports about human trafficking since May two years ago.

Briggs was commissioned to analyse what turned out to be 5721 articles published by the British media – including on websites – about human trafficking since May 2010. He was commissioned by the intelligence gatherers, LexisNexis UK.

Briggs was part of a wider analysis of global news sources, as part of a Human Trafficking Awareness Index (HTA Index), produced by LexisNexis UK.

The Daily Record and its sister title, Sunday Mail, jointly came ninth in UK, with 73 articles between them.

Leading the UK coverage is the Belfast Telegraph, with 217 articles about human trafficking.

Says Briggs, who has himself written about human trafficking for the national press: “According to the Human Trafficking Foundation, there are more people in slavery today than in the entire 350-year history of the slave trade in the UK. LexisNexis has historically supported organisations such as the Somaly Mam Foundation and AEFSIP and the company publishes the Human Trafficking Handbook, the definitive legal guide to preventing trafficking.

“As well as releasing the Index, LexisNexis has produced infographics and a report which analysed awareness levels since 2010 to help activists to understand how they can use the service.”

A second HTA Index is due out next week. It is to come out monthly and available for free, here.

In a LexisNexis statement, chief executive of LexisNexis International, Judy Vezmar, is quoted, as saying: “Human trafficking is a despicable and unjust exploitation of vulnerable people and is a direct consequence of the absence of the rule of law. We hope that this tool will support campaigners in their continuing fight against trafficking.”

The UK Top Ten:

Belfast Telegraph – 217

Daily Mirror/Sunday Mirror – 185

Manchester Evening News – 135

The Guardian – 125

Metro – 92

The Herald – 84

The Daily Telegraph – 83

The Observer – 78

Daily Record/Sunday Mail – 73

Morning Star – 64