Rugby training pays off for McLellan

RECENT former editor of The Scotsman newspaper, John McLellan, was last heard of on a rugby field turning out for the third XV at Edinburgh rugby club, Watsonians.

And yesterday, the rugby training clearly paid off when – in his new capacity as ‘spin doctor’ for the Scottish Tories – he had to tackle an intruder

The Scottish Sun’s Douglas Walker today reports that a protestor tried to disrupt a speech in Glasgow by Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Says Walker: “The man burst into the room at a Glasgow hotel where the PM was addressing 150 Conservative members.

“Burly spin doctor John McLellan tackled the demonstrator before he was huckled off by Special Branch.”

And Walker quotes McLellan tweeting: “Years of missed tackles and I finally nailed one this afternoon at PM event. All in the line of duty, sir.”

McLellan, 50, has still to decide his sporting plans for next season.