Digital future for The Dandy with 75th anniversary issue its last in print

THE iconic Scots comic, The Dandy, is to go digital, with its last print edition being its 75th anniversary issue in December.

The news follows speculation earlier this week throughout the media that the comic was about to close after sales were down to circa 8,000 (when once they were as high as two million). Publishers, DC Thomson, responded by saying the comic’s future was “still under review”.

The publisher has announced a security “lockdown” around what plans there are exactly for the comic.

Says a media statement issued today by the publishers: “DC Thomson is remaining tight-lipped about the future of one of the world’s longest running children’s comics, The Dandy.

“Ellis Watson, chief executive officer of publishing (newspapers and magazines) for the Dundee company, has announced that there are exciting plans in the pipeline to take the title in a different direction and to ensure that the next 75 years of the brand are as popular with future generations.”

Watson is quoted, as saying: “I’m absolutely livid that we’ve had an internal leak about what’s in the pipeline for one of our most popular titles. We’re counting down 110 days until the big 75th anniversary bash and we’re working on some tremendously exciting things.

“I’ve closed down loopholes to ensure much tighter internal security. We’ve heard about people trying to find out the plans by hacking into so we’ve taken it all offline and moved in to core project offices. We’re in lockdown.

“’Dan has certainly not eaten his last cow pie. All of The Dandy’s characters are just 110 days away from a new lease of life.”

He is further quoted, as saying: “On December 4th, we’ll publish our 75th anniversary edition – and now that the cat’s out of the bag – I can confirm that this will be our last print edition. It’s what comes online then that will set the tone for the next 75 years and that’s why I’m so livid these plans nearly leaked.”

Image copyright of DC Thomson.