Scottish Labour spin doctor reportedly suspended

A ‘spin doctor’ at Scottish Labour has been reportedly suspended.

Writes Paul Hutcheon – in the Sunday Herald, under an ‘exclusive’ banner – Rami Okasha is facing disciplinary proceedings over alleged ‘insubordination’.

Hutcheon adds: “Sources say two camps have emerged during the ensuing turf war. The first is the Labour team at Holyrood, which includes Lamont, her spin doctor Paul Sinclair and party business manager Paul Martin.

“The second ‘grouping’ is based at [the Party’s Scottish HQ] John Smith House and includes Okasha and Scottish Labour general secretary, Colin Smyth.”

Elsewhere in the same paper, Tom Gordon reports that the pro-Union Better Together campaign has been asked to remove the BBC logo from its literature, following a leaflet warning the BBC would be ‘broken up’ were Scotland to vote for independence in two years’ time. Gordon quotes a BBC spokesperson as saying: “We have written to the campaign to request they remove the logo from their materials.”