Late DC Thomson director credited with ushering in new technology

A LATE director of the newspaper and publishing giant, DC Thomson, is credited with ushering new technology into the company.

In an obituary today in The Scotsman, Alastair Thomson is described as “forward-looking”. Writes Alison Shaw, he died on Wednesday, aged 82.

Shaw begins: “Alastair Thomson was a forward-looking great-nephew of the legendary DC Thomson and one of the team who helped the family’s Dundee newspaper firm move from the old hot metal days into new technology.

“Although he was closely involved in all aspects of the company, he took a particular interest in the management of the business’s technical and production departments.”

She later adds: “Always beautifully turned out, Alastair Thomson is remembered as a tall, handsome and rather dashing figure striding into the offices of various publications such as the Weekly News where, in the 1960s, the staff would still rise to their feet as the door swung open and chorus a melodic ‘Good morning, Mr Alastair’.

“Only the editor would remain standing until, on Mr Alastair’s departure, the youngest member of staff present leapt to his feet to open the door for the boss. The ritual reflected the fact it was a traditional organisation and that he was a stickler for good manners.”