Media Kit: Camcorders

LOOKING for a camcorder to post video on your website? The February 2013 edition of Stuff magazine gives five stars to each of these:

Sony NEX-VG20 – quotes price of £1,800 with 18-200mm lens

Says the magazine: “The Sony NEX-VG10 has been knocked off top spot to make way for its successor, the VG20. But this is no mere title bump: it’s a vast improvement”

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GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition – £280

Says the magazine: “Thinner, lighter and more feature-laden than ever, the rugged Hero 3 won’t disappoint.”

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Canon XA10 – £1,440

Says the magazine: “Canon’s ultra-compact XQ10 handles fine detail superbly due to its f/1.8 lens and 2.37MP chip. It may not look big enough to play with the big boys, but twin XLR inputs on its detachable handle gives it professional prowess straight out of the box.”

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Sony HDR-TD10 – £830

Says the magazine: “The king of 3D does it properly, with two lenses plus two Exmor chips adding up to superbly sharp footage. Decent touchscreen controls and astounding depth (in 2D and 3D) make up for the hefty size. It’s being phased out, to get your best haggle on.”

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