In My Opinion: Mark Gorman: Leith’s bowel cancer advert

WHEN did you last see a 30-second commercial filmed entirely in the ‘cludgie’ and without a puppy dog in sight?

Never, I tell you.

The Leith Agency is at it again; confronting the ‘unspeakable’ in plain Scottish.

Just as they did last year with the wonderful Elaine C Smith breast cancer awareness commercial, for the Scottish Government and NHS in Scotland.

This time, it’s bowel cancer. And the ‘back close’ treatment given to this advert is delightfully frank, as straightforward as it gets. It should lure all us middle-aged men to take a wee inspection, ’round by’.

This is what Leith does best, under Gerry Farrell’s creative leadership – capturing real Scotland and transferring it to the screen for leading Scottish brands and services. Frankly, nobody does it better.

Great work always looks easy. Trust me, getting gags about ‘cracking on’, whilst in the aforementioned ‘cludgie’, onto our screens won’t have been easy.

Good work, chaps.

Mark Gorman is an independent marketing consultant operating under the banner, ‘Think Hard’. He has over 25 years of experience in advertising, design, direct marketing, PR, professional writing (especially blogging), business mentoring, digital marketing and research. He was co-founder of the former advertising agency, 1576.