Journalist and academic forced to flee family home because of ‘violent’ neighbour

WELL-KNOWN journalist and academic, Eamonn O’Neill, has been forced to flee his home in the Scottish Borders – with his family – to avoid a ‘violent’ neighbour.

O’Neill and his family are currently staying in a hotel in Glasgow, where he is programme director  of the MSc in Investigative Journalism at Strathclyde University.

Reports The Scotsman, O’Neill “is preparing legal action against Scottish Borders Housing Association, which he accuses of ‘gambling’ with his family’s lives after it failed to evict the convicted criminal, despite the fact he willingly relinquished his tenancy in court”.

The newspaper adds the neighbour returned on Thursday to the block where O’Neill lives – from prison.

O’Neill’s recent journalism includes a radio programme about his work broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland last month.