Free trial of DIY media evaluation service being offered to Scots PR agencies

FREE trials of a new media evaluation service are being offered to Scots PR agencies, to help them work out how effective their work has been.

The service being offered by Guildford-based PRGym is the ability to evaluate oneself, rather than hand over the coverage they have generated to an independent evaluator who, among other things, will assess the tone of what has appeared in the media.

PRGym also says of its ‘DIY’ service that it will charge a flat fee, so as not penalise those who have generated a lot of coverage only to find they are being evaluated externally on a per cutting basis.

Says a media release issued by the company: “Unlike the traditional method of evaluating at the end of a campaign, this new tool offers instant reporting throughout the project, making PRs more accountable and clients and stakeholders more informed.

“Pre-loaded with every media type imaginable, including TV and social media, users simply register coverage as soon as it appears. This is then converted into instant evaluation reports, including key messages, sentiment and Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE).

“And for the first time ever, PR professionals will not be victims of their own success. Evaluation companies typically charge per cutting which can be extremely costly following a successful campaign. Now, with a subscription costing from just £1,000, PRs can now evaluate as many cuttings, for as many campaigns per client as they wish throughout the year.”

It describes the service as an ‘UK first’.

PRGym has said that the first 50 readers to register with it will be to trial the service for free. For more details, email here.