Media Broth: You’re more than welcome

CORRECTIONS, eh? You do the right thing, holding up your hand to admit an error, and then what happens next? You make another.

Of course, it was just a letter missing and we’ve all been there.

It was Thursday’s Scotsman that carried the following: “In yesterday’s editorial, ‘Abbotsford news is cause for celebration’, we said it was possible to glimpse Sir Water Scott’s Abbotsford House from the East Coast rail line. We fully accept that this would require superhuman powers of vision, not just for the distances involved but also the myriad of solid objects occupying those distances. We don’t really know what we were thinking. Sorry.”

Oops. It had editor, Ian Stewart, tweeting: “I am deeply embarrassed by my error in Sir Walter Scott’s name in correction in today’s paper. Takes away from my attempted humour. #redface”

There was no correction of the correction in the following day’s paper.

* * *

MIND you, it could have been worse. Several years ago, in the Lennox Herald, a Memoriam notice which should have read, “the house is lonely without you”, said, instead, “the house is lovely without you”.

* * *

KEN Macintosh MSP has been dropped from the Labour shadow cabinet at the Scottish Parliament and The Herald speculated on Saturday that the former BBC producer may have lost the finance brief because he wasn’t aggressive enough, opining that, had he been more aggressive towards John Swinney, “it may well have produced a bigger battering”.

Continues the paper: “Perhaps his former BBC background meant he was simply too fair.”

* * *

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